At Nextiles, we are creating an advanced workout and fitness evaluation system that helps you supercharge your workout so you can exercise safely while pushing yourself so you never plateau again.

Our system is based on patented technology that enables us to create athletic apparel with embedded, fabric-based sensors. This apparel can then track your body movements while exercising and we can use that information to provide you with granular insight about how you're exercising and what muscles you're activating.

With this system, we aim to bring the biomechanical intelligence that pro sports teams have - which enable them to perform better while mitigating injury risk - to everyday fitness consumers at a more affordable price.

Nextiles is a different kind of wearable technology. We're not wrist-based or require a lot of complex wiring. We fit to your body type.


Automatic Tracking

Our apparel automatically detects exercises and counts reps and sets, using embedded, fabric based sensors. Using data from your body, we  can triangulate your body position second-by-second and identify what exercises you're doing. Say goodbye to manual recording!


Technique and Form Analysis

We know form and technique matter to quality exercise, and good technique is critical to avoiding fitness-related injuries. Backed by real-time data about joint movement and muscle usage, we can identify when your form begins to break down and can provide tips and guidance for how to improve your form. Your safety while exercising is of paramount importance to us.


Measure Progress

Gone are the days of before/after photos. With Nextiles, you'll be able to see progress across exercises and muscle groups. Know your personal records across every exercise, and the quality of those personal records based on technique and form. With knowledge of how you're progressing at an exercise and muscle level, you'll feel motivated and encouraged with each workout to keep pushing yourself forward.

Muscle Usage

See what muscles you're using the most during and after your workout. With our extensive database of exercises, we can map your biomechanical activity level to muscle, joint and ligament / tendon activity. Track muscle usage levels and use the information to better plan your next workout.


Customize Programming

See what works and what doesn't, and use that newfound knowledge to create better, personalized exercise routines that evolve and adapt to your individual needs.